Posted July, 2012

Levity"s End on

Moro Rock

Written By: Bill Grasse




Posted August, 2011

Lively Times on

Trisstin's Tower and Attila's Thumb

Written By: Jeff Widen



Posted July, 2009

An Ascent of a Mud Giant

Climbing Cottontail Tower

Written By: Bill Grasse



Posted December, 2008

Surf's Up on

Snowpatch Spire in

The Bugaboos


The Kachina Spires in

Hell Roaring Canyon

Written by Ben Kiessel 




Posted August, 2008

Aeolian Tower

Written by Ben Kiessel



Posted May, 2008

Rainbow Tower

& Dirty Old Man Tower

Written by Matt Pickren



Posted March, 2008

Grand View Spire

& Terra Tower

Written by Ben Kiessel



Posted February, 2008

Predator Tower

Written by Radek Chalupa


Washer Woman

Written by Ian McAlexander



Posted January, 2008

Joe Wilson Canyon

Written by Matt Pickren




Posted November, 2007

The Tombstone

'Family Plot'

Written by Lisa Foster


Cenotaph Spire

Written by Ben Kiessel



Posted February, 2007

Zeus  &  Aphrodite

'Sisyphus and the East Ridge'

Written by Ben Kiessel



Posted January, 2007

Putterman in a Bathtub


Putterman on the Thrown



Hummingbird Spire

'Egg Drop Soup to Hoop Dancer'

Written by Ian McAlexander




The South Gossip

'Be there or be talked about.'

Written by Lisa Foster





Posted September, 2006

Texas Tower

Written by Ben Kiessel



The McTech Arete In The Bugaboos

With Lisa and Ian White 



The Bridger Jack Spires Part Two - Easter Island and Sparkling Touch

Written by Ian McAlexander 




Posted June, 2006

The Bridger Jack Spires Part One - Thumbelina & Sunflower Towers

Written by Ian McAlexander 




Posted May, 2006

The Bugaboos:The West Ridgeof Pigeon Spire




Posted May, 2006

Ticking Towers in the

Valley of the Gods


An Indelicate Ascent in Arches

Written by Shameless McSqueezy


The B-Team goes to

The Bugaboos


The Northeast Ridge of Bugaboo Spire

Written by Lisa Foster



Posted April, 2006

Eagle Plume Tower in the Valley of the Gods

Written by Ben Kiessel



Posted February, 2006

South Six Shooterwith Brad and Ari

Written by Koren Nydick



Posted January, 2006

Alone on River Tower



Lizard Head Peak a.k.a. "The Tottering Pile of Choss"with Brad and Steve

Written by Koren Nydick




Posted October, 2005

Pushing Boundaries on the

Tower of Babel

with Pavel and Ian

(Zenyatta Entrada 5.6, C3)

Partnerless on the Hindu...

(Maverick 5.9, C2)

Backcountry Skiing

with Koren on

Red Mountain Pass



Posted June, 2005

Dolomite Spire

with Ian

(Kor Route 5.8, C2)



Posted February, 2005

Ice climbing in Ames

with Steve and John

(Ames Ice Hose WI5)



Posted January, 2005

My first trip to Zion.

Climbing a Wall with Shamus.

(Prodigal Sun 5.8 C2)


Passing the Years with Friends

(Two Birthdays at the City of Rocks)


Ice climbing in Eureka with Steve-o.

(Whorehouse Hose WI4)


Exploring a new area.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

with Ian

(Crescent Crack 5.7 to Final Link 5.9)


Little Cottonwood Canyon

with Ian.

(The S-Crack Direct 5.10, A0)


Climbing on Lumpy Ridge

with Pavel and Jason

(Loose Ends 5.9)


Koren's first alpine couloir...

the north side of

Mount Heyburn.




Posted October, 2004

The Splitgerber-March Direct

(The Elephant's Perch)

with Pavel and Brad


The Sunrise Book

The best moderate route on the Perch?

with Pavel and Brad


Warming Up on

the Mountaineer's Route

(The Elephant's Perch)

with Pavel and Brad


High Anxiety leads to Big Falls

on the Black Buttress with Chad



Posted September, 2004

The Big Dirty...

Climbing The Titan

with Paul, Jason and Ian.



Posted August, 2004

Stormy Weather on the Notch Couloir on Long's Peak.

Written by Jason Rite



Posted March, 2004

Climbing The Open Book

on the Finger of Fate

with Koren.



on the Elephant's Perch

with Koren.


Camping with Good Friends

and Climbing on the Super Slabs.


Another great route together...

Astro-Elephant with Guillaume



Posted February, 2004

My First Trip to Yosemite!



Posted January, 2004

Notice anything about the site..?




Posted December, 2003

New Routes with Old Friends

in Castle Valley.

A Trip Report by Lisa Foster


Chasing the Sun to St. George.


Posted November, 2003

Colorado Road Trippin...


Posted October, 2003


Desert Towers and Humility


The Rainy Desert with Jason



Posted January, 2003

Desert Adventures with Koren




Posted December, 2002

Utah Road Trippingwith Jason


Posted November, 2002

The South Face of the Petit Grepon with Lisa.


Mount Washington

on New Years Day, 2001


Posted October, 2002

The West Face of Long's Peak with Koren.


Posted September, 2002

A 'Casual' day on the Diamond with Guillaume.


Posted August, 2002

Off route on Arrowhead Peak

with Koren.


Flirting with trouble

on Hallett Peak

with Jason.


Posted July, 2002

Gear Retrievalon Mount Alice

with Lisa and Guillaume.


An alpine experience

on Mount Alice

with Koren.


A day spent hiking

on the Continental Divide

with Lisa.


Posted June, 2002

A solo adventure on Kiener's Route

on Long's Peak.


Koren leading her first rock climb outside!


Backcountry skiing

in Pike National Forest

with Koren.


A weekend spent sport climbing

at Shelf Road

with Guillaume and Jason.