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Yosemite Valley
El Cap:
East Buttress 5.10b
Middle  Cathedral Rock:
Kor-Beck (1st 5 pitches) 5.9
East Buttress 5.9 A0
Higher Cathedral Rock:
Northeast Buttress 5.9 
Manure Pile Buttress:
Nutcracker variation 5.9
Five Open Books:
Commitment 5.9
Church Bowl:
Uncle Fanny 5.7
Tuolumne Meadows
Daff Dome:
West Crack 5.9
Fairview Dome:
Regular Route (only the first two pitches)


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Rocky Mountain NP
(Lumpy Ridge)
Rocky Mountain NP
(High Peaks)
Twin Owls:
Tilted Mitten 5.9 
Wolf's Tooth 5.8+
Switch Cracks 5.8
Pin Route 5.5
Turn Turn Turn 5.6
East Ridge 5.8
West Owl Direct (first pitch) 5.9
Yosemite Crack 5.9
unnamed route under Wolf's Tooth 5.7
Bowels of the Owls 5.4
Little Twin Owls:
ZigZag 5.8
Little Twin Owl Crack 5.11a
Southeast Corner 5.11c
The Book:
Fat City 5.10c
Pear Buttress 5.8+,  rope solo
George’s Tree (first pitch) 5.9 
White Whale 5.7
The Dog 5.7
Hiatus 5.7
Sports Pages 5.8
Osiris 5.7
J-Crack 5.9
Loose Ends 5.9
Femp 5.9
Endless Crack (FINE variation) 5.9r
The Bookmark:
Fantasy Ridge 5.9
Melvin’s Wheel 5.8+
Stray Shots (first pitch) 5.9
Joy and Tribulation 5.9
Backflip 5.9
Romulan Territory 5.9
The Bookend:  
The Great Dihedral 5.7
Orange Julius 5.10a
Climb of the Ancient Mariner 5.10a
The Pear:
Right Dihedral 5.9
Sibling Rivalry 5.9+
Chrome Plated 5.7
La Chaim 5.7 r
Platinum Stethoscope 5.7
unnamed toprope on backside 5.10
Checkerboard Rock:
Rainy Day Woman (first pitch) 5.9
Ziggie's Brother Hank 5.10b
Lightning Rock:
Short Circuit 5.9
Batman Pinnacle:
Batman and Robin 5.6, solo
The Citadel:
Sanitarium (first two pitches) 5.8
McGregor’s Slab:
Foster-Brandewie Variation 5.8
Sundance Buttress:
Mainliner 5.9
Grapevine 5.8+
Kor's Flake 5.7+
Eumenadies 5.8
Long's Peak:  
Casual Route IV 5.10a
Kiener's -solo AI2 5.5
Koren's Rain Dance  5.7 (FA?)
Stetner's Ledges > Kiener's 5.8+
North Face 5.4
Mount Alice:  
Central Ramp variation 5.10 
Hallett Peak:
Jackson-Johnson variation III 5.9
Englishman’s Route variation III 5.9
The Great Dihedral/Center Route 5.7
Tyndall Glacier AI2, (sans rope with Lisa)
The Spearhead:
North Ridge III 5.6
The Petit Grepon:
SW Corner III 5.9
South Face 5.8
The Shark’s Tooth:
North Ridge III 5.6
Mount Meeker:
Dream Weaver Couloir III Steep Snow/AI 2+
(sans rope with Lisa)
Ship's Prow:
Flying Dutchman III Steep Snow AI2 5.4, solo
Flattop Mountain:
Dragon's Tail Couloir II Steep Snow, solo
Thachtop Mountain:
Thachtop-Powell Ridge 5.4
Arrowhead Peak:
Northeast Ridge attempt 5.6
Estes Park...
The Ironclads:
Stock-Still and Stoic 5.10b
Rip Off Ranger 5.9-
Short Sighted 5.6
Diminishing Returns 5.10c
Five Finger Discount 5.9
Blah Blah Blah 5.11a
Poached Earth 5.10b
Tuition Dollars at Work 5.11d
Thieving Bitch 5.8
The Needle:
Uphill Slabs 5.8 r
Jurassic Park:


        Boulder, CO

Eldorado Canyon State Park
Wind Tower:
Calypso 5.6
Wind Ridge 5.6
West Overhang 5.7
The Bastille:
Bastille Crack 5.8
Redgarden Wall:
Yellow Spur 5.9
Touch and Go 5.8+
Anthill Direct 5.9
Rewritten 5.7, + a rope solo
Rosy Crucifixion 5.10a
Ruper (Rover variation) 5.9
Anthill Direct 5.9
West Ridge:
Long John Wall 5.8
Washington Irving 5.6
Clear Creek Canyon
Cat Slab:
Grizabella 5.7
MacCavity 5.10a
Gus 5.10d
Jellicle Cats 5.10a
Mr. Mistoffeles 5.9
Rum Tum Tugger 5.11c
Old Dueteronomy 5.10a

Boulder Canyon

Cob Rock:
Emperor 5.8
The Dome:
unknown route 5.9


The Flatirons

First Flatiron:
East Face 5.6
Third Flatiron:
East Face 5.5
Golden Cliffs
North Table Mountain:
Sidelines 5.10a
Beer Barrel Buttress 5.10c
In Between the Lines 5.9-
Table Top 5.10b
Offline 5.8
Mr. Squirrel Places a Nut 5.11a
Pack o' Bobs 5.7
Pee on D 5.7
Bullet the Brown Cloud 5.11a
Deck Chairs on the Titanic 5.9+
John Adams' Adams Apple 5.8


        Big Thompson Canyon

Combat Rock:
Schoolmarms in Space 5.9
Diagonal 5.9
Rambo Santa 5.7
GI Joe does Barbie 5.9+
Camouflage  (1st pitch) 5.9
No More War 5.10a
Arkansas Patriot 5.9+
Lizard Warrior 5.11b
Nuclear Polka 5.10a
Eight Clicks to Saigon 5.10d
Pearl Harbor 5.10c
The Narrows:
Center of the Universe 5.8
Unnamed toprope 5.8
Jug Dome:  
Shag 5.7
Backpaddle 5.11a
The Black Tube 5.10b
Adam's Rib 5.10c
Law School 5.8
Dick Van Dike 5.9-
The Monastery:
Table Wine 5.7-
Southern Hospitality 5.10a
Monastic Groove 5.8
The Steeple 5.8
Alter Boy 5.9+
Arch Crack 5.10+
Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs 5.10d
The Mini D:  
The Apron 5.10-
Left Edge Dihedral 5.8  A1
Center Standard 5.10 C1
The Frenzy Pillar:
Center Standard 5.10 C1
Upper Wall :
Just go Up 5.9 C1
V Slot Dihedral 5.9
 Lower Wall:
The Ramp 5.9
The Happy Gnome:
The Right Side 5.8
The Chimneys 5.8 C0
The Cleft 5.7+
Nice Hand Crack 5.8
Birds Eye Buttress:
Bird's Eye View 5.7 C0
Peace Sign 5.8
Second Buttress:
Enclosed Corner 5.7 C0
Thin Hands 5.9 C0
Mary's Bust:  
Suture Self 5.9
Stuck in Time 5.10
Seam Rock:
Dags in Beanland 5.8
D in B variation 5.6
D in B variation 5.9


        Poudre Canyon

The Narrows:
East of Eden 5.8+
the main buttress 5.10+
the cave sport route 5.10+
Poudre Canyon Crag:  
unknown topropes, 5.10
Picnic Rock:
The Spider Route 5.7
unknown topropes 5.7
The Tunnel:
unknown sport route 5.10a
Simon 5.8
South Face 5.6
 unknown squeeze chimney 5.8
Ridge 01:
Friction Ramp 5.9
 Lesbian Rugby Rodeo 5.7
The Three Pinnacles:
The Standard Route 5.10-
Ridge 02:
Ohio Grade V 5.6
Ohio Grade V Direct 5.8+
I Didn’t Quit My Job for Nothing 5.8+
Crystal Highway 5.10
Fat People Need not Apply 5.8+
Give Me Some Slack 5.8+
The Ramp 5.8
Stitches Chimney 5.9
Get Out There 5.9
A Lichen Daydream 5.8
Andrew's Roof 5.9
Leaning Boulder Crack 5.8
Slither 5.9+
Hanging Traverse 5.10-
Backslabber 5.11-
Matt's Crack 5.9+
Bushes 5.9+
The Ten Crack 5.10
The Spire:
Big Brown Jugs 5.10-
The Chimney 5.4

West Slope , CO

Colorado National Monument
Independence Monument:
Otto's Route 5.8+ 
Unaweep Canyon
Sunday Wall:
Sweet Sunday Serenade (1st picth) 5.9
Don Juan 5.6
Bandito 5.8+
Ophir / Ames
Ophir Wall :
Post Office Crack 5.8
Hot Wee Wee 5.9
Ames Wall :
Unnamed Route? 5.8

Durango / Silverton / Ouray

East Animas :
Apple Cider 5.8+
Turtle Wall :
Hit or Miss 5.11a
X- Rock :
many routes 5.6 - 5.10
Cascade Canyon :
Colorfest 5.10b
Genesis 5.10
The Stripe :
unknown routes 5.9-5.11
Pool Wall:
Butter Face 5.11
Groove is in the Heart 5.10
The Groove Tube 5.8
Past Tense 5.8
Test Drive 5.8
First TIme Out 5.6


        Misc, CO

Shelf Road
The Dark Side:
1st bolted roof 5.10a
Clyde 5.11b
Bonnie 5.10c
Edge of Fright 5.10b
Jim Bowes Route 5.10a
Viaggro 5.11c
Missing Hangers 5.10a
The Bank:
Staying Power 5.11c
Once Upon a Time 5.11a
B/C 5.9+
Concentrated Weirdness 5.9
Mighty Mouse 5.10c
Contest Wall:
Dead Tree Crack 5.10a
Limestone Lady 5.11b

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City of Rocks
Parking Lot Rock:
Inspiration or Persperation variation 5.10 C0 (9r)
Batwings 5.8+
Windows Rock East:
Masochist Crack 5.8
Expect No Mercy 5.10b
Pocket Rocket 5.9
Pure Pleasure 5.6
Decadent Wall Right:
Carol's Crack 5.8
FDC 5.10a
Bloody Finger's Corridor:
Indruding Dyke 5.7
Hough's Crack 5.7 solo
Super Hits Bloody Fingers:
Double Vision 5.10a
October 5.8
Bloody Fingers 5.10a
Chimney 5.6
Twist and Craw 5.8
Elephant Rock:
Wheat Thin 5.7
Bath Rock:
Cowdog 5.5
Coffee and Cornflakes 5.10a
Flaming Rock:
Tribal Boundries 5.10a
Sawtooth Mountains
Elephant's Perch:
Mountaineer's Route III 5.9 
Astro-Elephant III 5.10-
Sunrise Book III 5.10a
Splitgerber-March Direct IV 5.10b
The Black Buttress:
High Anxiety III 5.9+ (first 3 pitches)
The Finger of Fate:
The Open Book III 5.8+
Horstman Peak:
The Sickle Couloir III Steep Snow
Mount Heyburn:
The East Couloir III Steep Snow
Super Slabs:
Bacon and Legs 5.9 r
Catwoman 5.10+
Black Cliffs of Boise
Tall Cliffs:
Jungle Book 5.10a
Sweet Adene 5.8
BSU Fantasy 5.9
White Wash 5.9
Perception vs. Reality 5.10a
East Car Body Canyon:
Macabre Roof 5.10b
Tin Man 5.11b/c


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Red Rocks
9 Lives 5.9r
Cat in the Hat variation 5.7
The Gallery
Gridlock 5.11c
Running Amuck 5.10c
Pump First, Pay Later 5.10b
Gelatin Pooch 5.10a
Wall of Confusion
Desert Pickle 5.11b
The Runaway 5.10b
The Black Corridor
Bon Ez 5.9+
Crude Boys 5.10d
Black Corridor Route 4 Left 5.11a
Vagabonds 5.10a
Burros Don't Gamble 5.10c
Burros Might Fly 5.10a
Nightmare of Crude Street 5.10b
Crude Street Blues 5.9+
Crude Behavior 5.9+
Dancin' with a God  5.10a
Black Gold 5.10b
Rebel without a Cause 5.11a
Sweat Pain Wall
Glitter Gulch 5.11b
Urban Crag  (Limestone area near Red Rocks)


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Fisher Towers
River Tower
North Face 5.8 C1
Colorado Ridge 5.8 C2
The Titan
Finger of Fate 5.8 A2
Ancient Art
Stolen Chimney 5.9 C0
Canyonlands NP
Sisyphus 5.11 r
East Ridge 5.10 C2- r 
Washer Woman
In Search of Suds 5.10d
Standing Rock
Kor Route 5.10 C2
Castle Valley
Castleton Tower
Kor-Ingalls 5.9
North Chimney 5.9
The Priest
Honeymoon Chimney 5.9 A0
Sister Superior
JahMan 5.10
Indian Creek
South Six Shooter
South Face 5.8
Thumbelina, BJ Spires
Learning to Crawl 5.11
Sparkling Touch , BJ Spires
Sparkling Touch 5.11
Easter Island , BJ Spires
Thunderbolts 5.10
Sunflower Tower , BJ Spires
East Face 5.10+
Hummingbird Spire, BJ Spires
Egg Drop Soup to Hoop Dancer 5.10+ C1
King of Pain, BJ Spires
Vision Quest 5.10
Donnely Canyon Tower
Standard Route 5.7
Supercrack Buttress
Twin Cracks 5.9
Gorilla Crack 5.10
Incredible Hand Crack 5.10
3AM Crack 5.10
Wild Works of Fire 5.10
Kane Creek
Ice Cream Parlor
Ice Cream Parlor Crack 5.11
Good Day to Die 5.9
Predator Tower
Reign of Terror 5.11
The Devil's Golfball
The Happy Turk C1+
Potash Road
Wall Street
A Fist full of Potash 5.10
A Fist full of Potash Direct 5.10
Flakes of Wrath 5.9
Flakes of Wrath direct 5.11
Potash Sanction 5.11a
Last Tango in Potash 5.11a
Bad Moki Roof 5.9
Shoot Up or Shut Up 5.11a
Lucy in the Sky with Potash 5.10a
Nervous in Suburbia 5.10a
Eat the Rich 5.10c
Top Forty 5.8
Skeletonic 5.11+
Pinhead 5.10b 1st pitch
Another Roadside Distraction 5.10b
Long Canyon
Texas Two-Step 5.10
Sunshine Wall
Mosquito Coast 5.8 r
Love Hurts 5.9
Murphy-Newton Conspiracy 5.9+
Spring Canyon Crags
Bolting Sucks 5.9
Valley of the Gods
Puterman in a Bathtub
It's a Mad Mad Putterman 5.10
Putterman on the Thrown
SupercalifragilisticPutterman 5.11 C1
Eagle Plume Tower
South Face 5.10+
Arrowhead Spire
South Face 5.9 C1
North Tower
Serendipity 5.11 C1+ r
Arches NP
Tower of Babel
Zebyatta Entrada 5.6 C3
Three Gossips
West Face, North Gossip 5.9 C1
Be There of Be Talked About, South Gossip 5.9 C1
The Organ
Death by Hands, Southwest Tower 5.10 C2+ r
Argon Tower
West Face 5.9+ C1
Three Penguines
Right Chimney 5.10c
The Pickle
Standard Route 5.6 C1-
Devil Dog Spire
Industrial Disease 5.11
Bulwinkle Tower
West Chimney 5.7
Tonka Tower
Standard Route 5.8 C1
Dark Angel
West Face 5.9 C0, solo
Owl Rock
Owl Rock 5.8
Three Penguins
Right Chimney 5.10c
River Road
Dolomite Spire
Kor Route 5.8 C2
Lighthouse Tower
Lonely Vigil 5.10a
River Road Dihedrals
Dihedral East I 5.9
Onion Creek
The Hindu
Maverick 5.9 C2, solo
Logan Canyon
Fucoidial Quartzite
Community Effort 5.9
Mission 5.10c
Terminological Inexactitude 5.11a
Begging for Bolts 5.11a
Illusions 5.10a
Tennis Ball 5.8
Cannonball 5.10c
Drilling in the Dark 5.6
Tennis Ball 5.8
Cannonball 5.10c
Drilling in the Dark 5.7
Flying Outhouse 5.11a
Cushions 5.10b
Limestone Cowboy 5.11d
Smith Rock
Scared Sheepless 5.10c/d
17 Seconds 5.10a
The Betagraph
Babe-a-licious 5.10b
Prelude to an Illness 5.10a
Bad Harmony 5.10b/c
Alpha Numeric 5.8+ solo
First Practice Wall / Monkey Wrench
Bonnie 5.10a
Jolly Mon 5.10a
One Eyed Rose 5.10d
The Lost Bolt 5.7
KFP area
Kentucky Fried Penguin 5.9+
Kentucky Fried Chicken 5.8
Second Practice Wall
All the lines here ranging from 5.6 - 5.11b
385 Crag
Conventional Arms 5.11b
Stormin Normin 5.11b/c
Rodent Ranch / Wall of Jericho
Wildflower 5.10b
Brown Eyed Girl 5.7
Tendonitis Be Damned 5.7 solo
Hummer 5.9+
Pika Angst 5.10c
Preston Valley Pinnicle
East Face 5.7
North Face 5.7
Cliffs of Insanity
Ralph's Song 5.11a
Dog Sense 5.11b
Pet Piranha 5.11a
Sanctified 5.11a
Revenge 5.11c
Sand Flats
Elvis's Hammer
Hormones in Waiting 5.10

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Crescent Crack Buttress
Crack in the Woods 5.9
Hand Jive 5.8
Mexican Crack 5.10a
Crescent Crack 5.7
Crescent Crack Direct Variation 5.9-
Final Link 5.9
The Coffin 5.9
The Coffin Right Side Variation 5.9
The Egg
Leggo my Eggo 5.10a
The Thumb
S-Crack Direct 5.9+ C0 


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Devil's Tower
Mystic and the Mulchers 5.8
McCarthy North Face (first pitch) 5.8+
Broken Tree 5.10
Soler 5.9-
TAD 5.7
Upper Slot 7+
Lower Slot 8-
Mother 7+
Edward's Crack 5.7- 
Flying Buttress 5.10b


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     Ice Climbing

Rocky Mountain National Park
Loch Vale
Mo' Flo' Than Go WI2, solo
Mixed Feelings M5
Lochluster WI4 M4
Hidden Falls
Main Flow WI4
Right Flow WI3-5
Left Flow WI 2+, solo
Various Mixed to M4
Peacock Pool Ice
Columbine Falls WI3+
Black Lake Ice
Black Lake Slabs WI3-  solo
West Gully WI4, 4 pitches
Thachtop Mountain
All Mixed Up WI4, 4 pitches
Odessa Gorge
Grace Falls WI3-5
Big Thompson Canyon, CO
Upper flow WI2 
Silverton Area, San Juan Mountains, CO
Stairway to Heaven WI4
Whorehouse Hoses WI4
Eureka Pillar area flow WI3/4
The Seven Year Itch WI5
Ouray Area,   San Juan Mountains, CO
Horsetail Falls WI4
The Ribbon WI4
Slip Sliding Away WI3+
Teluride Area, San Juan Mountains, CO
Ames Ice Hose WI5
Cascade Canyon, San Juan Mountains, CO
Most of the ice climbs and a few mixed climbs
Mount Lincoln, Summit County, CO
The Bowling Alley WI2+, solo
Many top ropes ranging from WI3-M5
Ouray Ice Park, Ouray, CO
Dozens of lines ranging from WI3-M7


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Rocky Mountain National Park
Little Twin Owls
Book Boulders
Boxcar Boulder
Tyndall Gorge
Vedaewoo  (Wyoming)
Carter Lake
Big Elk Meadows
The Beach  (Big Thompson Canyon)
The North 40  (Colorado)
Flagstaff Mountain  (Boulder)
Big Bend Boulders  (Moab)
Redfish Lake Boulders  (Sawtooths)
Greyrock Crag   (Poudre Canyon)
Horsetooth Reservoir
The Tropics
Rotary Park
The Torture Chamber
Duncan's Ridge
The Piano Boulders
Camp 4 Boulders
White Wolf campground
Joe's Valley
Buoux Area
Warm Up Boulder
Small One
Black and Tan
Area 51
Self Service
The Closet
River Boulders
Durango  (Colorado)
Turtle Lake

***   I keep this list as a way to track what routes I have climbed.  ***

This list does not reflect the style of the ascent in any way. If you see a hard rating, I probably pulled on gear or stood in slings or just blatantly dogged my way to the top. I have no ethics beyond not altering the rock.   - Brad Brandewie