August, '05


The B-Team

goes to

The Bugaboos



    In August of '05, Pavel, Lisa, Ian, Brad D. and I piled into a rented, 12-passenger van and pointed it north toward the famous Bugaboos. Dubbing ourselves The B-Team, we planned bigish things.

    It's worth noting that this trip was the culmination of a years planning and still we almost abandoned our goal at the last minute when the forecast called for bad weather. Fortunately, Brad D.'s passion to climb in Canada carried us though and we climbed more than any of us had dared to expect.

    It's been said in every trip report ever written about the Bugs but I'll say it again, the place is AMAZING. You do yourself a disservice by not going at least once.

    Below are the pictures from the hike in and from around camp. The climbing pages are linked on the right.

        *   Northeast Ridge  (Bugaboo Spire)
        *   McTech Arete  (Coming Soon)
        *   Surf's Up  (Coming Soon)
        *   West Ridge   (Coming Soon)



Pavel, Lisa, Ian and Brad D. in Logan before our trip.



Pavel turned out to be our driving anchor, logging more time in the cockpit than anyone.



The entire crew in the parking lot preparing for what will be a difficult hike.



A shot of me checking the chicken wire one last time to make sure no porcupines can get in and chew the hoses and belts on the van.


The traditional first look at the glaciers and spires of the Bugaboos.


The Bugaboo Glacier spilling down the approach drainage.


A closer look at the Hounds Tooth and the Bugaboo Glacier.


Climbing the ladder with a heavy pack and poles in your hands is exhilarating. And Yes, that's a pillow on my pack.


The Kain Hut. This was a welcome site.


Looking out the windows of the Kain Hut.



Pavel having a rough morning. See that Aqufina bottle on the table? Well the night before it had been full of scotch.



Lisa hiking from the Kain Hut to the Applebee Camp. This hike took hours longer than it should have in our "weakened" condition. 



Our first up close look at the East Face of Bugaboo Spire. 



Lisa taking a break on our hike to Applebee. 66% of The B-Team had vomited before we made it to the Applebee Camp. 



Looking back down at the Kain Hut. The parking lot is in the deep valley on the left. 


A panoramic shot of camp and the surrounding peaks and glaciers.



The Applebee Campground.



Lisa's tent perched on top of a small cliff with Snowpatch Spire in the background.



Lounging around on a rest day. The only person who took no rest days was Lisa.



Pavel enjoying a huge cup of soup.



Brad resting in camp and thinking of upcoming cruxes.



Lisa in camp.



Ian enjoying a nice, hot cup of joe.



Me waiting in line to use the facilities. I couldn't decide if this or the outhouse in front of the Diamond on Long's Peak had the best view.



Pavel in camp with the Anniversary and Bugaboo Glaciers spilling down in the background.



Ian with his make-shift glacier glasses.



Brad and Pavel hiding from the rain on our last day in camp. We had done extremely well with the weather but our luck had finally run out.



Pavel in between rain showers on the last day.



Brad Pavel and Lisa in our misty camp.




It was clear like this when we decided to pack up and hike out. This turned out to be a mistake as it rained just as we took down our tents making everything wet and heavy. I will never do this again even if it means giving away gear.

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