November, '02




Desert Adventures with Koren




Koren on the Summit of Ancient Art.


    Over Thanksgiving, Koren and I had a few days off which we spent knocking around the Moab area.  We had a great time! Highlights included the Slickrock bike trail, Potash Road, Indian Creek, The Fisher Towers, and a Thanksgiving buffet at the Red Cliff Lodge on River Road. As it looks like I will be living in Utah, I hope to have more pictures and stories from the Colorado Plateau soon. 


Koren and Ari in front of the Colorado River on the Slickrock bike trail.

Myself with the La Sal Mountains visible in the background.

Koren with the features of Arches National Park visible along the horizon.

Asking for trouble! :)

Koren belaying at Potash Road. Isn't she the cutest thing ever? XO

Toproping like the hard core climbers we are. :)

A shot of me in Indian Creek.

Me leading Gorilla Crack (with a lot of aid) on Supercrack Buttress

The Fisher Towers from the parking lot. The large version of this picture has the TOWERS NAMED.

A view of Ancient Art from the South. The Kingfisher is visible in the background.

The Cobra, again with the Kingfisher in the background.

Koren French-freeing her way through the first bolt ladder on Stolen Chimney.

Looking up at the belay at the top of the second bolt ladder.

A view of the Colorado River basin from near the summit of Ancient Art.

Koren sitting on "the sidewalk". Twenty feet behind her, the summit awaits. However, it's the 200 foot drop on either side that grabs your attention.

A shot of me on rappel. The dark tower in the background is Echo Tower.

Me on the Corkscrew Summit of Ancient Art.

A beautiful look at Cottontail Tower in the evening apenglow.

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