June, '02

Snowdrift  Peak,  Rocky Mountain National Park

    This was a day Lisa and I intended to spend on Long's Peak climbing The Window. As luck would have it, we awoke at 2:30am to find everything soaking wet.  I was feeling lazy and would have gone back to bed had it not been for my partner. Lisa was well rested and ready to go do something. After some debate, we settled on Hayden Spire. This route was fairly easy and we felt the rain would not be a problem. What we found on top of the Divide was a surreal landscape of misty cliffs and hazy tundra.

     After hiking along the Divide for a mile, we decided that we were not going to find Hayden Spire given the visibility. We took a break to wait out the weather. After a half hour or so, the clouds opened up to the west and we were greeted with a wonderful view of Snowdrift Peak. This became the new objective and we had a great time hiking to the top. We spent the better part of the afternoon lounging around above treeline for lack of anything more important to do.  Here are some pictures from that day...


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