By Area:

The Fisher Towers
Finger of Fate (The Titan)
Colorado Ridge (The Kingfisher)
North Face (River Tower) 
Arches National Park
Zenyatta Entrada (Tower of Babel)
West Face (The Three Gossips)
South Face (The Three Gossips)
Texas Canyon
East Face(Texas Tower)
Canyonlands National Park
Sysiphis (Zeus)
East Ridge (Aphrodite)
Zion National Park
Prodigal Sun (Angel's Landing)
Lost World Butte Area
Family Plot (The Tombatone)
The Ross Route (Cenotaph Spire)
Castle Valley
Honeymoon Chimney (The Priest)
River Road
Kor Route (Dolomite Spire)
Valley of the Gods
South Face (Eagle Plume Tower)
South Face(Arrowhead Spire)
Serendipity (North Tower)
The Puttermans (Bathtub + Thrown)
Onion Creek
Maverick (The Hindu)
Indian Creek
South Face (South Six Shooter)
Learning to Crawl(Thumbelina)
East Face (Sunflower Tower)
Hoop Dancer (Hummingnird Spire)
Little Cottonwood Canyon
Crescent Crack / Final Link 
(Crescent Crack Buttress)
S-Crack Direct (The Thumb)


Road Trips:

St. George
Chuckawalla Wall
Snow Canyon State Park
Black Rocks
Thanksgiving in Moab '02
Potash Road
Indian Creek
Ancient Art
My First Trip To the Desert   * CO
Independence Monument - Otto's
Castleton Tower - Kor-Ingalls
Indian Creek