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Sunrise over the Twin Sisters from Chasm Lake.

Morning alpenglow on Mill's Glacier.

The third pitch of the Casual route on The Diamond.

Koren making fresh turns on Red Mountain Pass with Ari in chase.

Nearing Broadway on the Hornsby Direct finish of Stetner's Ledges.

Admiring the view of the 1,000+ foot east face of Mount Alice.

A ptarmigan in summer plumage in Wild Basin.

Snow slopes above Silverton.

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Waiting out the weather in the Fisher Towers.

Forest fires in Zion National Park.

Jason entering the chimney on the first pitch of the Priest..

Ian works the flaring, 5.8, namesake pitch on S-Crack Direct.

A sunny, stormy evening at the Sunshine Wall.

Ian on a warm day at the Black Cliffs.

Koren climbing pockets at Chuckawalla Wall.

Crack climbing in the Right Fork of Joe's Valley.

A sunny, stormy silhouette in Zion.

One of the Best vistas in the US, Grand View Point, Canyonlands National Park.

Ancient rock art in the San Rafael Swell.

Beautiful sunset in the Cache Valley.


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One of the many crags on the east side of the Sierras.

Brad D. on the first pitch of West Crack. Daff Dome. Tuolumne Meadows

Ahh, the first pitch of the day.


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A rest day in the inner City.

Doo doo doo, looking out my back door... (Sawtooths)

Here's a closer view.

Looking up at the Elephant's Perch from the approach trail.

Koren working through the crux pitch of the Mountaineer's Route.

Guillaume, finding his own way up the 5th pitch of Astro-Elephant.

Enjoying the warming sunlight on the south side of the Elephant's Perch.

Wondering where our route goes on the Elephant's Perch.

The Grand Mogul and Mount Heyburn as seen from Redfish Lake.

Koren exiting the 600-foot dihedral on the north side of the Finger of Fate.

Jason and Pina race the sun to get one more route in at the City.

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One of the locals we met near the Black Corridor.

Getting off route on Mescalito.

A female burro with her yearling at 13 Mile Campground.

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Sunset on the Tower.

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