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Guillaume & Jennifer Dargaud's website
An amazing collection of photos and stories from all over the globe. I would call this the best personal climbing site on the net.  In addition to climbing, this site has excellent sections on Antarctica and Photography.  I am fortunate to call these two friends and to have climbed with them on many occasions. Their tick list reads like most people's wish list.  :)

The best beta resource on the net, bar none!  Complete with sister sites to Moab,   Tucson,   SLC,   J-Tree,  Red Rocks,  Devil's Lake,   The Black Hills,   and the Bay Area.  If you can contribute, please do.

The original online climbing forum.   Although the threads sometimes provide interesting reading, I include this because all past posts are on record and you can searchable. Check out the Advanced Search options. This is quite a resource as most things have been discussed there, at one time or another, in the last 15 years.