Summer, 03



Living and Working in Stanley,ID.

(READ: sharing one house with 15 research scientists)



Koren SCUBA diving in Bull Trout Lake.
     Part of Koren's work as a post-doc at Utah State was to oversee, and participate in, the field science that we conducted this summer. 
In a nutshell, we were looking at how nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous) cycle through alpine watersheds.  Let me tell you, there is a lot 
of work involved in that statement!  We rented a house in Lower Stanley and shared it between 15 people. Fortunately, only 4 of us lived 
there for the entire summer.  :)

Looking at the Sawtooth Range from in front of our house in Lower Stanley.

A closer view of the previous shot.

A picture from the Middle Fork of the Salmon river. This was early in the season, before the snow melted.

I took this shot shortly before we left for Logan, notice that the snow is almost all gone.

Koren at the Galena Pass Overlook with the Sawtooth Range in the background.

A picture with the snow routes marked.

I climbed the North Couloir with Koren and

The Sickle Couloir with Jared.

This is the group of scientists that shared the house over the summer. Yikes!

Wayne "The Skipper" Wurtsbaugh, ready for a session in the lab trailer. Wayne is Koren's boss.

The next four shots are from an early trip that Koren and I took to the Sawtooths to deploy some temperature measurement equipment.

Ari, having a great time on Farley Lake.

The weather started to turn on us on our second day at Toxaway Lake. At times, we couldn't see more than 20 feet. Fortunately, we had a GPS that my brother had given me so we didn't have to sweat it.

We managed to get our work finished but Ari had considerably less fun this day. :)

This is a view of Bull Trout Lake. This is where we did most of our field work this summer.

Koren and Hanna working on Bull Trout Lake.

A plume of rohdamine in Bull Trout Lake. We used rohdamine to track water flows in the streams and lakes. Rohdamine is ecologically safe.

Koren, sampling water from Bull Trout Lake's outflow.

Koren SCUBA diving in Bull Trout Lake. This was a common task for her this summer.

One of the helicopters that was being used to fight forest fires near Bull Trout Lake. We were not allowed to work some days due to fire danger.

Koren working on Toxaway Lake with smoke from the forest fires clouding the valley.

Stopping for a picnic on the way back from getting the SCUBA tanks filled in Sun Valley.

A self portrait from a solo day in the range.

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