August , '01

Hallett Peak (12,713), The Great Dihedral / Center Route

    Lisa, Guilloume, Jennifer and I climbed Hallett Peak this summer. Lisa and I climbed a combination of The Center Route and The Great Dihedral (5.7) while Guillaume and Jennifer climbed the classic Culp-Bossier (5.8). The weather turned a little sour high on the face but we managed to get down and out of the lightning danger without incident.  We all had a wonderful day and Lisa got to lead for the first time in an alpine setting. Guillaume later said he though the route he and Jenny climbed was the best they had yet climbed in Colorado. Here are a few pictures from that day...


Hallett Peak as seen from Emerald Lake. This is one of the most beautiful areas of the park. It is also one of the easiest approaches in the park. The hike into this lake is on a good trail and takes about an hour.

A closer look at the 1000 foot rock buttress on the north-east face of Hallett. The white scar on the lower right portion of this picture shows where a large rock fall occurred in '99. No one was hurt but a classic route (Northcut-Carter 5.7) was destroyed in the event.  

Lisa at the base of our route. The first 400 feet followed a broken crack/corner system and ended on a large bush-covered ledge.

This is a shot of me leading the first pitch. The climbing here was not too hard and was easy to protect. The only problem was the loose rock that is not uncommon on the easier routes on Hallett. At one point, I knocked down a rock the size of a cantaloupe. Fortunately, Lisa was in a sheltered belay alcove and was not endangered.

The second pitch started off with an easy traverse on some grassy ledges. I then climbed straight up to an unprotected slab which I skirted on the left edge. The climbing was better on this pitch as there was less loose rock.

Here is a shot of me breaking down the belay midway up the route. Dream Lake is clearly visible in the background. 

This is a shot of Lisa third-classing it (climbing unroped) up to where the rock gets steep again. From here she led up a somewhat runout right facing dihedral for her first alpine lead. I was impressed.

Lisa on her first alpine lead ever!


This is a shot of Guillaume and Jennifer who were climbing a different route on another part of the wall. You will have to click on the image to see them.

A final shot as I sit waiting for my turn to rappel.

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