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2004 Climbing Log

January 20- I HAVE NOT BEEN CLIMBING YET THIS YEAR.  Last year was ...  sniff... sniff...... 

.... tHis mAy bE My LAsT eNTrY  ....   .....

January 23- I soloed Last Chance Falls in Logan Canyon today. I thought it looked too short and too easy on the approach but it turned out to be kind of spicy at the top. (detached ice sheet meets steep, corn snow)

February 26- I Climbed at the First Practice Wall in Logan Canyon with Koren. It was after work so we only had a short time but it was nice to actually climb again. I miss climbing.

March 2- Koren, Ian and I climbed at the 1st Practice Wall. We climbed an unnamed 5.7 on the bottom of the buttress after I got spanked off of Alyosha .10c due to being a lazy ass all winter. Ouch! To finished the day, I barely managed to scrape up Jolly Mon .10 without pitching. This was a very High Gravity Day!

March 13- Ian, Paul and I tried to go to Massacre Rocks but the access had been fenced off and the dirt roads were too snowy. Instead we spent the afternoon on the Sunny Side of Ross Park in Pocatello. We climbed a bunch of sport routes in the 5.9-11 range.

March 27- Ian and I climbed In Little Cottonwood Canyon. We linked Crescent Crack 5.7 with it's direct variation 5.9- and finished on Final Link 5.9 for a nice 4-pitch outing. After eating lunch, we climbed an unnamed 5.9 crack and made some TR laps. This was the first time I had climbed a trad route with Ian. :)

March 30- Climbed at Fucoidal with Ian. We bumped into Kacey and he put a rope up on Limestone Cowboy .11d after we alll took a lap on Beggin for Bolts .11a.

April 3- Ian and I climbed at Fucoidal in the morning and then I went skiing. We climbed the first pitch of Beggin for Bolts .11a and Illusions .10b/c and Mission .10c. We finished by TRing the first half of Adios Amigos .12a.

April 4- Koren and I climbed in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We climbed Leggo My Eggo 10a. This is a good route. We only climbed one route because I didn't want to ruin my shoes. :( I want to go back to the Egg.

April 7- bClimbed at Fucoidal with Ian. Ian led Beggin for Bolts .11a and we then I led Nebulous Precision .10c. This was a fun day. :)

April 12- Climbed in Logan Canyon with Ian. We climbed Scared Sheepless 10c/d and 17 Seconds 10a. They were both good routes although the 10c/d was overated.

April 13- Climbed at Fucoidal with Koren, Ian and Paul. We climbed Cannonball 10c, Tennis Balls 5.8, and Cushins 10b. This was the first time I had climbed Cushins and I thought it was one of the better climbes in the canyon. I tried to TR Tooth and Nail 12b/c without success.